sharp healthcare radiology room #2 rsa equipment relocation

  • OWNER: Sharp Healthcare
  • LOCATION:  Coronado, California
  • SIZE:  350 square feet 
  • COST: $60,000 
  • ARCHITECT: CPCArchitects
  • FIRM SCOPE: Schematic Design through Completion
  • CONTRACTOR: Pacific Building Group
  • COMPLETED: ​October 2015
  • DELIVERY METHOD: Design-Build

This 305 S.F. radiology room required the shifting of existing radiology equipment in order to accommodate new state of the art radiology Universal Kit Upgrade. This is only the second facility in the USA that has this added technology which is used to investigate and analyze the movement and flexibility of implants in patients and provides valuable feedback to manufacturers and doctors alike.  



Sharp healthcare Marry Birch Linear accelerator replacement

  • OWNER: Sharp Healthcare
  • LOCATION:  San Diego, California
  • SIZE:  2,500 square feet 
  • COST: $875,000 
  • FIRM SCOPEConceptual Design
  • COMPLETED: ​Not Built

The Sharp Hospital Outpatient Pavilion is located on the campus of the “most beautiful hospital in the US,” and serves the people of America’s Finest City.  The updating of the LAC facility will bring the latest technology in targeted radiation cancer therapy to this facility, greatly increase the power and accuracy of treatment and reduce treatment duration times.  Alongside the technological advances, a goal of this project is to enhance the patient experience and provide as much comfort as possible.  The first step in enhancing the patient experience is to make the transition into the treatment rooms as seamless as possible.  The finishes and color palette of the rooms will be selected to match and compliment the balance of the OPP helping to reassure the patient and their family that this suite is an integrated part of the Sharp experience.  Additionally, the use of photo-based “windows” will serve to delight and distract patients giving an external focus far from the basement vault location. These “windows” will feature custom images of local San Diego beach sunsets combining the familiar with the spectacular in the aim of inspiring comfort and hope.