sharp & Children's mri corporation 3t mri addition

  • OWNER: Sharp & Children's MRI Corporation
  • LOCATION:  San Diego, California
  • SIZE:  2,656 square feet 
  • COST: 1.3 Million
  • FIRM SCOPEProgramming through completion
  • COMPLETED: ​January 2017
  • DELIVERY METHOD: Design-Build
  • CONTRACTOR: DPR Construction

​The Sharp and Children’s 3 Tesla MRI suite provides the latest technology in high field MRI scanning using GE’s Discovery MR750 MRI scanner.  The 3 Tesla scanner is the highest magnetic field strength clinically available in today’s MRI environment and is one of a few sites in the nation that employs the highest software available in GE’s offering.  The new suite is equipped with specialized equipment to perform sedation (available exclusively to selected pediatric patients), complete with a recovery area that has an open view to the outside.