jbm properties la jolla shores plaza Lobby and Entrance

  • OWNER: JBM Properties
  • LOCATION:  La Jolla, California
  • SIZE:  258 square feet 
  • COST: $263,477
  • FIRM SCOPESchematic Design through Completion
  • COMPLETED: ​February 2017
  • DELIVERY METHOD: Design-Build
  • CONTRACTOR: DPR Construction

This Project consisted on giving La Jolla Shores Plaza an entire new face lift from the exterior and reconfigure the existing lobby in order to make it feel bigger and brighter.

The exterior received upgraded "wood" porcelain tile in order to keep the look of wood but maintain its integrity in the harsh coastal environment. It received new tile floor at the entry and stairs and along the ramp and stair walls.

The Interior removed the existing two compartment lobby and made it into one larger room, eliminating can lights form the ceiling allowed us to maximize the ceiling height and adding a side illuminated 3-Form wall enabled the team to provide adequate lighting. New storefront doors and elevator fronts completed the feeling of bringing in the wood to the interior.